Madison to Eden North Carolina

Robert and Olivia Knight, Walmart parking lot, Mayadon, North CarolinaBrenda and I stopped in the Walmart parking lot in Mayadon, which is about 5 miles from the Budget Inn we stayed in the night before. We bought some bottled water, meat for dinner, and some other supplies. When Bill arrived, Brenda and he walked over to the Burger King near by to grab some breakfast. Robert and Olivia Knight came over while Bill was sipping his coffee. As you can imagine, a horse standing in a Walmart parking lot isn't something you see every day; we often meet people in these curious situations. We talked to these two for awhile before heading on down the road.

Bill and Blackie left traveling east on Highway 770 and we drove on ahead to the city of Eden, into town and found a place to park. As usual, Brenda got on the cell phone and started making calls, trying to find a place for us to stay. After calling the Chamber of Commerce, Brenda was put in contact with Michael Dougherty who is the Director of Business Development for Eden. Mr. Dougherty was enthusiastic about our journey and decided to make our stay in Eden a good one by sponsoring us for two nights at the Hampton Inn.

Brenda then called the Hampton Inn in Eden to explain our particular situation. General Manager Angel Duncan greeted us with a warm welcome. Ms. Duncan didn't have a problem locating a place to accommodate Blackie. Brenda received directions from Angle; we parked, setup the panels, and dropped the trailer shortly thereafter as quickly as possible, so that we could find Bill (Bill refuses to carry a cell phone, as me deems it as a distraction). It is often easier to leave the trailer in a secure location if possible, as this allows for greater mobility in tight situations which were constructed with passenger vehicles in mind.

Ms. Duncan gave Brenda a better route, not only to find Bill, but also one which would allow Bill to avoid the traffic of down town Eden. After taking Highway 14 south, Brenda turned right on West Kings Highway, and then left back on Highway 770. We found Bill standing on Highway 770 talking to Deputy Mike Edwards with the Rockingham County Sheriffs Department. Deputy Edwards was responding to a call about a suspicious person on a horse. Bill's bright yellow safety vest made him very visible, and there wasn't any cattle in sight; he definitely wasn't a cattle rustler. The Deputy let him go.

After a typical day of riding, Bill made it to the hotel. Mr. Dougherty welcomed Bill and Brenda to the city of Eden, and was proud to represent his illustrious city “nestled between two major rivers, the Smith and the Dan. (link gone)” During this time I was creating content for our website (as I am now). The sun was going down and we were hungry when everything settled down, so we ate at El Parral right next to the hotel. The employees at El Parral provided us with a satisfying and very quickly prepared meal. The next day I worked on the website, Bill and Brenda met with reporters, and Brenda washed all our laundry.

04-29-08 - 04-30-08