Lions Club Fair Grounds Taylorsville North Carolina

The ride from the Peacock Inn to the Taylorsville was a little longer then we had expected. At the Taylorsville Lions Club Fair Grounds we met with Sonny Cook, President of the Grounds. Mr. Cook opened up the gates and restrooms for us. He chatted with us for awhile and we learned that there was going to be a wresting match that evening. The sky was clear and it was getting warm, so Brenda and I setup the canopy that Coleman had gave us, which was the first time in quite a while.

In the afternoon we had some locals come by to visit. Hal Bond and Nathan Smart were the first to stop. They petted Blackie and talked to Bill and Brenda about the planed route. We also had the honor to meet J.C Elliott and Bill Ramllett; both men Vietnam Vets. Mr. Elliott is a Navy man, and Mr. Ramllett was in the Army. Bill told them about our trip across the country and showed them he newspaper clipping book.

Milestone Championship Wrestling invited us to watch their event. I filmed some of the matches. Later that night a heavy downpour hit, what Brenda called a "gully-washer". The roof of the trailer leaked and some of Brenda cloths got wet.

The next morning we decided to stay at the fairgrounds another day due to the bad weather. In the morning a heavy fog had settled around us, and it continued to sprinkle on and off. Later that day the weather calmed down. Brenda hadn't been able to find a contact for the next stretch of road, so we unhooked the truck and Bill, Brenda, and I drove down the planed route to scout. There is a place called Linneys Mill with a campground aground it. The church in New Hope seemed to be another option.

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