Laurel Hill to Newton North Carolina

Mr. Green owner of Greens Cycles, and the infamous Deputy of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Department.Mr. Green owner of Greens Cycles, and Billy Martin with the Lincoln County Sheriffs Department chatted with Bill while he got ready to ride for the day. 

At our first stop, while waiting for Bill, a local electrician by the name of Jonathan Fulbright stopped by to talk to us. We had stopped in the parking lot of a church and he stopped to see if we were the people riding across the country. When Bill arrived Jonathan and Bill got to talking, and not long after Jonny had began grazing Blackie, a few more locals stopped by. Jonathan later brought Bill a halter he had hand tied and a nice check book cover.
Brenda contacted the Catawba Sheriffs Department, and talked to Major Reed who recommended that she call the Peacock Inn located in Newton, NC. The Inn was glad to have us, though they were getting ready for their big opening at the time. They had showers, electricity, and best of all (for me anyway) Internet. We first met Mike who took us on a tour of the nearly completed house. The house is about 150 years old and is in excellent condition.

We also met the Schreier's and “Big” Edd Sigmon, who is the former owner of the property. In the evening the Peacock Inn crew invited us to a little family B-B-Q. Mike cooked up some burgers and hot dogs and after we ate he and a young man played some music.

The next morning we decided to stay down. Brenda's parents came out to see us, and we all went out to lunch. I was able to get some pictures uploaded. Blackie also was able to rest a full day.

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