Kersey Pizza - A Great Place to Meet People

Kersey PizzaWhile waiting for Bill, Brenda and sat in front of Kersey Pizza. I went in to get a soda and explained our journey. When Bill arrived father and son owners, Barry and Brian treated us to some great pizza. We soon began meeting locals caming in to get pizza, ice cream, burgers, etc. Kersey is about 10 miles east of Greeley on highway 34.  Brenda: “That was a neat place.”

Kersey Pizza was an old gas station before it became a pizza shop in 1990. The shop is also scheduled to be remodeled soon and should remain open during that time. They plan to have the remodel finished in one to two weeks after they began.
They hand toss all their pizzas with fresh dough (they where preparing the dough for the day when I first came in) and the cheese on our pepperoni pizza was the good stretchy kind. Yum! We also ate some good ice cream.

We also met the mayor of Kersey and a local Officer (R. Richardson). I asked Officer Richardson if he knew of anything interesting about their town that I should know about. He proceeded to tell me of the new memorial on county road (CR) 52, which is between CR 43 and 45 called The Crossing. The next entry will have more info about this and pictures.