Kadyn Rides With Bill Fall River Kansas

Bill found a kindread spirit in a little boy named Kadyn. The boy rode with Bill after our first rest stop on to the town of Fredonia, Kansas.


I'm so glad I noticed a news article about your ride on the yahoo web page. The whole idea of your ride is uplifting and inspiring. I get very concerned and depressed sometimes thinking about the ills of our country and the world. There are so many issues that are threatening the welfare of our country and our planet, that need to be addressed now. The burden of those concerns and the effort to try to do something about them is heavy at times. Your ride and the purpose behind it gives us a new way to look at our country. It focuses in on the heart and soul of our country and the good that exists. It shows us that the spirit that made this country is still strong and that there is hope to pull together and work to counteract the effects of global warming and to reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. Thanks for doing what you're doing. Happy trails! Evelyn Watkins, East Moline, Illinois P.S. I wish I was riding with you.