Just a Quick Post

We haven’t had any comments lately. I believe the spam controls I have set should keep the site free of most, if not all unwanted garbage posts. I’m going to allow the publishing of anonymous comments without my approval; I hope this will encourage people to use that functionality.

Please remember that I am traveling with Bill and Brenda and do not always have access to the internet. If you have a question or comment that requires that Bill, Brenda, or I reply please be patient, we will try to respond ASAP. I gladly accept constructive criticism and I am receptive to new ideas.

There are a number of aspects of this site that haven’t been updated in awhile such as: the google Map page, the News page (papers, tv, etc that Bill and Blackie have been in), and the Contributors page (which lists people and such that have helped in one way or another). Right now my main goal is to keep pumping content into the site to keep people coming back and to improve our rankings on the various avenues of the internet.

You may have noticed that there have been mostly video clips that have been posted lately. During his brief visit, Dallas decided to let me use his smallest camera (it’s a Konica Minolta Dimage X50).

Guess we're on the move, got to go.


We are back in business with the internet. We're watching ya! Kadyn misses ya too!!!!

We're in Missouri now. Been hard finding places to stay. I'm not sure what Bill plans to do, I never know tell it happens. I got a video together for Fall River, I just wish we could meet more nice people like you guys. I'm sitting outside a Super 8 Motel so Bill and Brenda rent with me, but feel free to give them a call if you like.

There will be more videos soon of Fall River too.

Thanks for commenting guys!

we're thinkin of ya! Heard you were in the Parsons paper too!!!!! Cool Beans.

Hi this is Alex.I hope ya all have are ok.Are dog dodge was shot.He died shortly after.But we got a new puppy named Yoda like toyoda but with out the toy!.Where are you guys at.Christina says Hi.I hope you guys are warm.I fell off my horse and broke my arm.I miss you guys.Say hi to Queeny,tiger and blacky.Give thim a kiss for me. SEE YA ALL ALEX

We have made it to Crossville TN. Man this country here is uphill! Blackie was acting kinda sore so we had a vet check him out. He is fine, just getting used to hills instead of all the flat country we went through. We all miss you folks and plan on coming back in the spring or early summer. It breaks my heart to hear about Dodge. He was sure a sweet dog. Alex, I hope your arm doesn't hurt too bad. You be careful! Tell everyone I said Hello. I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply to you. I just never get to use the computer when we have internet connection. Thanks again for everything you did for us while we were there. Brenda

Hi! This is Alex.I miss you all and hope to see you all soon!!!Steve.B and Anthony say Hi. It is kind of lonley around here whith out you. I miss blacky.Kadyn says Hi.Everybods said Hi!!!The horses are kind of lonley.They miss blacky.I am haveing some hot tea.I got to go. Give blacky,tiger and queeny a kiss for me. see ya all

BRRRR!It is so cold in kansas!We moveed our horses to a new paster.So how is blacky.We are going to heading to Oklahoma today.It is not to fare from that day Give a kiss to Queeny,tiger and blacky for me. Sincely, Alex

My gandpa passedaway the 26 of dec.It was a sad time for my me and my mom.I loved my grandpa.He was so funny.I miss him so much.But he is in a better place now.No more pain.But How is Blacky.O.K I got to go my mom neads to get on the lab-top.Give tiger,Qunney and black a kiss for me Alex

I can not wait until I see you guys.I miss blacky,Queeny and tiger.Speaking of tiger did you find her?One of my faimly mibers are sick.I found out that one of are coff. laides are one of my faimly mibers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so speachlis! I got to go love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checkin on ya! Everyone keeps asking about your progress. Keep in touch and let us know if there's anything you need. Brenda call me when you get a chance.........Joyce, Daren, Christina, KADYN, Bill R., Steve

Wanda Evans (one of the coffee ladies) just came in and said there was a pretty good article in the paper page 3B. Check it out!!!! Hope you all are well and chugging along. Keep in touch the best you can!!!

HI this is Alex.Hope ya all had a Happy thangsgiving.I am always thanking of you guys.I am hoping to hear from you soon.We moved our horse pin.We got a new dog thanksgiving.It is so small but so cute.The horses miss blacky.So how are you guys chugging a long.It snowed hear.Did it snow there? How is blacky?I got to go. see ya all

It was so wonderful to read about your adventure yesterday on the news. I find it a bit sad that it's taken the national media this long to pick up on your trip. I guess a feel good, uplifting story is just not on their radar. May your path be smooth and the wind at your back. Give Blackie a pat or me too! Brenda in Oklahoma

Hi this is Alex.Hope you ya all a Happy Thanksgiving.Make sure the dogs and blacky get a Happy Thanksgiving to.I hope to get to see you soon. SEE YA ALL

My son lives in N.C. and I tell you I wish I did this year, I'd love to see you guys. I tell you what, I think you are doing what most people truly in their hearts would just love to do. Kick all the red tape and go live a little. You guys are right on target, this is what life is all about, making memories, seeing your country. I remember the first time my son took a bike ride out of our development and around the countryside, he came home and said WOW it's beautiful out there. He had seen it a thousand times, but never breathed it in in slow motion, like you folks are doing right now. My prayers and good wishes are with you. You are so lucky to have each other to do this with. I'd jump on a horse in a heart beat if I had a friend to go with. Keep it up!!!

Awesome. Think it's great you're doing something productive with your lives. And I bet you'll get a lot more out of it than even you can imagine. Good luck! By the way, have you read Peter Jennings book "Walk Across America"? It's a super read. Think you'd love, if you haven't already read. And the 2nd book that finishes the walk. National Geographic followed it. Hope you get sponsors. What you're doing is an encouragement. Have fun and keep safe. Carol Ann from San Marcos, Tx.