Journey through the Desert

Dale and Austin MartenThe temperature increasingly rose day by day as Bill closed in on Burns. Now we are going to be down a few days. Bill and Blackie are going to rest up and we will replenish our supplies.

Even out in the desert we meet people. Bill stopped by Riley Store & Archery for a bite to eat. There he met Dale Marten and his grandson Austin Marten. They set him up with a bow, the target: a Life Saver candy. After three misses he nailed it on the fourth (Bill: "With some help from God"). Dale is the 1998 Archery State Champion and an avid bow hunter.

 We stop 3 times a day so Bill and Blackie can rest. I ride up ahead of Bill six to seven miles and wait to meet him. One of the places that I stopped at happened to be an old ranch. I explored the site and got some pictures. You can check out some of the old buildings in the gallery.


Bill, Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Doing what you enjoy most. I think it is wonderful that you are meeting so many wonderful people. America is wonderful after all. By the way, Have you developed any saddle sores ??? Cant wait for you to get here. Be Safe! Love you, Mamo Jones (Your favorite mother-in law)