Is The Journey Over?

Bill completed his mission today and made it across the county riding on Blackie. We met many good people, and lots of friends. Though this journey is over, we are still on the journey called life. Bill and Brenda intend to take a break, and decide what we will do next.

There is talk of a return trip.


Congratulations Bill! I hope you'll be able to write a book...please say yes. Tim

Congratulations from the tiny country of Switzerland! It must have been a beautiful experience. I also hope you will write a book about it. Regards, Anna

I, like so many others who traveled with you in spirit, are glad to see you and Blackie and the rest of your team have safely reached your destination. I only wish I could have been there with you in person instead of at my computer desk. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, with its trials, tribulations, sucesses and joys. Good Luck to you. Sherry

Literally the perfect "Stop and Smell the Roses Trip." Most news comes from and concerns metropolitan areas and never tells of the good in those areas, must less, the wonderful people, beautiful vistas, and animals living in the other 80 percent of the country. Thank you from rural southern Oregon. Can I put in my order for the first book off the press? Brenda Malin, Oregon