Island Grove Regional Park & AgLand in Eaton

AgLand in EatonWhile in Greeley, we stayed at Island Grove Regional Park. Brenda talked to the Director of City Parks while Bill was riding and he introduced us to Keith Thim. Keith showed us where we could keep Blackie and later when Bill arrived, the two spent some time talking. Keith was very accommodating and we enjoyed our short time there. Although there where not any events going on when we were there I did learn that they host the worlds largest 4th or July Rodeo. The park is used for many other events including concerts, demolition derbies, and just about any other event you can imagine. This park is beautiful and I hope to visit during one of their events.

Bill and Brenda received 20 bags of Equine Merit Active Pelleted Feed; one thousand pounds. The two drove to AgLand in Eaton to purchase 2 bags. When they heard about what Bill was doing, they wanted to give us two pallets! Unfortunately, we don’t have room for that much. They saw the journey Blackie is taking as an opportunity to show the potential of this product.