Influx of of visitors

I'm working on sorting through this huge influx of interest (visitors, comments, emails, donations) in our journey.  Please be patient if the site is slow, I' going to enable caching to help with site response time and will be uploading a new video today also.

In the mean time I would like to know where you found out about us. If you would like to make a comment under this post that would be great.


Hey guys, saw you on Fox News...on their website. What a neat adventure!

This is a wonderful epic journey!

We found out about y'all late Monday evening when you're story was posted on the Fox News website. We live only about 15 miles off I-80 west of Cheyenne & would to have loved to see y'all when you went thru here. Bill is absolutely correct. There is so much great about this country the media completely ignores. CyberRanger

I saw you on fox news. I am from Missouri and was wondering when you would be coming through and what part.

I also saw the article on the FOX website and did a search to find a link to the blog.

I read about your exciting journey on Fox I applaud your efforts, and will track your progress. I checked your map, and see that you'll soon be in Missouri! Wish you were coming through SouthWest Missouri (we live in the beautiful little town of Carthage), we'd love to meet all of you, but we feel honored that you've included Missouri on your route. You'll be in our prayers for a safe & successful journey. We'll be looking forward to seeing your film about the trip!

I also just read the story on Fox news, and I am also from Carthage!! I was hoping the same thing, that they would be coming through our beautiful town! I think what you're doing is great, and I'm a bit jealous! I hope the best for you and pray you remain safe! Amanda

Hey there, from Medford, OR. We're praying for you and will pass the word about helping out financially. God bless you, and God bless the USA. David

I read about your journey on and it has made my day. You and yours are doing what we all wish we had the courage to do. You're a great example of what we should all strive to be... adventurers. A thanks also to for bringing this story to us. I routinely bypass all the depressing crud in the news and go directly to stories like this. Please bring us more. D

I heard about you from a friend, who is probably one of the people above who heard about you on FoxNews. Since we live in a Christian community of 300 people, I suppose word of mouth will add 300 or so to those who've seen your site. Great idea you had.

Hi Bill, I did the same thing you did back in 1995. I rode my Mountain Bike from Maine to California. We had a support vehicle that ran ahead just like you. And we discovered the exact same thing as you. 99% - 1%. The people in the USA aren't overwhelmingly bad, and the news is only reporting on the 1%. I was given a cowboy's spurs as we reached the panhandle in Texas. Being a Yankee from Maine, that was quite an honor. We were doing a national fundraiser for underprivlidged kids. People who had no money to give, gave us sandwiches or just good conversation. I see you're finding that too. It makes the journey worth it. I'd pay twice the amount you're paying to do it again. Thanks, Bill, to you and your wife for doing what feels right. Know we all support you. -Drew, Austin, Texas

Your adventure is something my friend and I have talked about in the past. Something we have dreamed about. So glad to see someone actually doing it. I read about your journey on the website, and have spent the last few hours reading all of your blog entries. It is so great to see the generosity of the American people highlighted. Sorry that you will not be traveling thru Georgia. It is a great place to see and filled with amazing people. May your continued journey be warm, dry, with safe riding routes and abundant joy. Harriett Mt. Airy, GA

Any idea on when you'll be in Nashville?

Please advise as to your location. We are from Montana, but are currently in Nashville. We would love to come out in a show of support. Thanks The Pierry Family We saw the AP article on

Hi heard about you on Good Luck! Phil

found you on Fox news on the Internet Marie B. NH

I'm here in Carnation, WA. Good luck to you.

A ride across America!? How cool is that! Please let us know when you ride past Asheville, we'd love to come out and greet you on your way to Hendersonville! I'll put a little bird in the ear of the Citizen-Times newspaper so they'll be looking for you! Jennifer-B Asheville, N-C

I discovered an article about you on tonight. I live about 25 miles west of Monett - and would have loved to have known about you before you came through this area. A friend of mine has a large ranch around Bolivar (large for Missouri!). He's a cowboy from his bald head down to his smashed toes. We'd really like to know where you're headed for - so we can try to drive out and meet you. My wife and I school our children at home - and what a great opportunity to meet someone that's doing this sort of thing. We have round bales of fescue hay - but I doubt that would help you out much - but you're sure welcome to any that you need. I wish we had something better for you. I'll create a new account and login so you can contact me. May God bless you. Kevin

I found out about the ride on the Fox News website. Will continue to follow your journey. Dave Orting, WA

I wish i could go tooo!!! saw the article about you on wusa tv in washington was a nice section they did on you. Good Luck and best wishes !!!!!!!! cyndi barrett punta gorda florida

I found you on front page yahoo. and I wish you and yours all the best. Randall A. Neil Fort loudon Pa.

I heard about you, reading my local newspaper on-line. After reading the local news I go to the Associated Press. I'm in Battle Creek, Michigan, sadly, I don't live in the country to house you guys.Good luck and I can't wait to see the documentary.

I think it's wonderful. I can't wait to read the book. It warms my heart just to know there's someone out there doing this. God bless. Amanda

I heard about your journey on Yahoo news. I'm envious, but happy to see someone living out his dream. Please let us know when you arreive in NC, we'd love to welcome you! Lauren & Duane

Good morning from Birmingham, AL. Thursday, November 15. I was taking a break from casework (work for Social Security) and came across the story What a great adventure, I totally agree with your assessment of the news. To many reports on the bad things that are happening. Everyone is in such a rush to "keep up with the Jones'" I've sent the link for the webpage to a friend at a local radio station, she might can give you some southern exposure. Ride safe! Eual Holland

Hey Y'all :) I read your story on MSN tonight and it made me smile. I am from Texas and have watched the land slowly disappearing. I truly appreciate your journey and goal of documentating our country before it disappears! I am writing from Camp Slayer in Baghdad, Iraq. I am a contractor here in support of our troops. I know they are here fighting for the very land you are on! I am here living vicariously through your journey and will be sure to donate to make sure you have a place to sleep and Blackie has plenty of food!! Keep it up !!! Cheers, Kerri L Mayer Camp Slayer L3 - Government Services, Inc. Baghdad, Iraq Durango, Texas USA !!!

Hi heard about you on KXL today! Best of luck!

Found the link on to the Yahoo story. I'm writing from Canada (Toronto to be exact). It does the heart good to see the kindness and generosity of spirit out there no matter which country you're from. Best of luck with the documentary, I'll be keeping an eye out for it! Tiny Dancer (aka Rhonda

I found the article in Western Horseman Oct Issue. I was looking for a follow up in Nov Issue.What's up with tha magazine? You should be following this story! I have since then contacted Bill and I am hoping he travels the old Wagon Train route from East Tn, over to N.C. Head em' up move em' out ...rawhide.. What a ride. Only in America. What a Trip! What a Inspiration for many others.. You have to 'LOVE' the Innman's without personally ever meeting them.. Just thought I would add to the comments. Happy trails... Blessings Spirit

11/16---Just found the info on Bill's journey on the Trailer Forum at "Horse Trailer World", where I am not probably not their typical member,but enjoy 'lurking'! At 66, I'm a LIFETIME horsewoman,and have done lots of things horseback. How I would have LOVED to do what Bill is doing! I remember a kinder, gentler world, believe me--but where he travels, he is undoubtedly meeting many who still practice the values that have ALWAYS been America's hallmark. I will now be following his progress, and spreading the word! With utmost admiration, MCT in New Mexico

Found your site in our sunday newspaper; great idea ! great job ! great website ! michael

I was glad to see your story in today's Oregonian. SO MUCH more interesting (and newsworthy) than politics or arguments about which city street to name after which ethnic hero. Ride Safe! Jim-Tigard

I found out about your journey on a forum on I love the idea of what you're doing. Not sure I'd have the stamina though. Kudos to you and Blackie and Brenda! Have a safe and pleasant journey! Robyn Whitesburg, TN. 37891