A Helping Hand: Used Hondas Run Forever

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the good people at Bill Rogers Honda in Albany, Oregon. They made it possible for me to join my husband for our anniversary. The car I have is a 1989 Honda Prelude. It has been a very good car; however, when a car gets that old it may have issues ona long trip. Bill Rogers' crew made sure my car was mechanically sound and I have to say it made the trip without any problem. This is one auto dealership that  cares about its community of car owners! Their professionalism and attitude toward their customers is outstanding. When I look for a new car they will definitely be on the top of my list.

Thank you again



Happy anniversary. Hope you had a great time with bill love john and alik

Glad to see you on the road with Bill. Your right where you belong! Sussie and Jorgen Due (P.S.: Jon gave me the heads up on your and him trading places. GOOD FOR YOU!)