Happy Thanksgiving to Our Supporters

I am so overwhelmed with the support you have shown. Your words of encouragement and wonderful donations are what help us to keep going. This journey has been very challenging in many ways, but the kindness of the people we have met has made it all worth it.

We have received so many e-mails that it may be some time before I can answer each one individually. A lot of the e-mails have inquired as to our route. In Missouri we will travel on Highway 60 to Poplar Bluff where we will then travel southeast into Tennessee. We haven't mapped out our exact route in Tennessee, but we know we will be going across the Northern part of the state to Nashville.

We are still looking for the safest route from Nashville into North Carolina. If any of you have contacts with the Highway Patrol, State Police, or Sheriff's department who could be of assistance with routing please have them contact us. I will update our route as soon as I know what Highways we will travel. As of this moment we are in a campground East of Mountain View Missouri. This is where we will spend our Thanksgiving.

Blackie is enjoying some well deserved rest and lots of good groceries. The weather is supposed to turn really nasty tonight with temperatures in the 20's and 30's and a possibility of snow or ice, brrrr.... Thanks to our supporters we were able to purchase some tarps to enclose the trailer with and a small propane heater which is safe to use indoors.

Bless all of you who have helped us. We are thinking of adding a list of all of you who have supported us. The list will only show the first name and last initial.

Again, I can't thank you all enough.


We had the pleasure of Bill, Brenda and Jon staying at our small farm in Springfield, MO in Mid November on their trip across America. We learned about Bill, his horse-Blackie, family and his journey through a friend of ours, Rick Bousefield, owner/operater of Huckleberry Stables/Campground, Pineville, MO. ( We hadn't been aware of Bill's journey until then). They stayed at our place for two days, while Blackie got some much needed rest (I am sure the others needed a respite too)and it was a very interesting and exciting experience. I was not able to be there much, due to working full time, but was able to enjoy a few of the adventures that they had to share in the late evenings when I got home. My husband truly enjoyed hosting them and if others are given the opportunity to host them on their way, don't miss out on the opportunity, it is worth it. My husband and I wish them well on their journey and hope they make it to their destination as expected. May the weather be cooperative and if it snows, may it be only a little. Thanks again for the visit.