Hailey Idaho: Journal Entry 10

In the morning, Bill rides Blackie back to the point where we loaded him up the day before. He wants to make up for those miles and keep the ride on track. By going up and back from the summit he actually gains some “credit miles” to make up for the ones we missed because of the fire outside of Vale, Oregon.  Today’s ride is about 9 miles to our stopping point. We are met at the park by Larry Clark of the Hailey police, and one other officer. They escort us to the Sawtooth Rangers rodeo grounds. There sure is a lot of traffic in town. I hope we don’t upset anyone too much. This is easier with an escort rather than braving the scurrying multitude of traffic in town.

After we get Blackie settled in for the night, we look for accommodations for us. It’s not going to be cheap here. There are a multitude of hotels with prices over $150.00 a night. We finally find reasonable accommodations at the Airport Inn. The staff here is friendly, and we find the room to be comfortable. This room has a small kitchenette which makes things nice. I am trying to catch up with all the blogs, journal and pictures that I haven’t been able to do because of slow or no internet service from Sprint. There has to be a better connection somewhere. With all the technology we have it seems as if there would be.

Tuesday morning, Bill has an interview with he KECH Morning Show with Lenny Joseph, 95.3 FM. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link in our blog. After the interview, he meets with Bill Bobbit and Ted Uhrig of the Sawtooth Rangers organization.