Green River Wyoming - A Rejuvenated Town: Journal Entry 29

Lieutenant Chris Steffen helped us find a room in a town bursting at the seams because of the oil and gas industry. Rooms can be hard to find. He also assisted us in finding a place to put our horse. The next day we met Sergeant Glen Williams. He surprised us with a check from the Green River chapter of the Fraternal Order of the Police. I don’t get emotional very often, but this act of kindness brought tears to my eyes. This kind and helpful law enforcement officer can be seen in a photo with Bill and Blackie on the day we left Green River. America needs to wake up and realize that our law enforcement is here to help and protect us as well as enforce the law.

On our second day here, we were looking for accommodations that would be more affordable. I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Gregory, the general manager of the Oak Tree Inn. I explained to her the journey we were undertaking and how far we had come. She kindly provided a room for 2 nights. We took some pictures of her with Blackie.  The rooms were comfortable and clean. This is by far best hotel in town by any standard. I highly recommend it.