Golden Valley to Laurel Hill NC

Cleveland County Deputy J.D. Owen Brought back TigerThe weather on the forth day was a little cloudy, though it wasn't nearly as cold as it had been. Corporal Hardin and a fellow office arrived as we were preparing for the day. The Community Club door had been opened for our use, and I was preparing coffee and oatmeal. Corporal Hardin was unable to escort Bill out of the county, as he had a previous appointment. So another office was assigned. Bill and the officers were talking about the day ahead. No one was paying attention to tiger and somehow she slipped away; sneaky three legged dog! :( We searched the area and called for her but to no avail. There was only so long we could stay, and we told everyone we saw that our Tiger had gone missing. Bill had been gone about an hour before we decided we could no longer wait.

Jon and I drove past Bill. Later Rutherford County Sheriffs Department had to break off at the county line. We stopped at a gas station that was closed, to wait for Bill.  Deputy J.D. Owen with the Cleveland County Sheriff's stopped to talk with us and waited for Bill's arrival. Shortly after Bill arrived, The Shelby Star tracked us down for an interview. The Shelby Star Created a Video while talking to Bill. (link is gone)

Our route took us a short distance though the North West corner of Cleveland county. The second and last stop of the day found us just across the line in Lincoln county, in the small community of Laurel Hill. We noticed that several of the businesses had closed their doors. I bought some frozen pork loin at a small discount grocery which had recently opened. As I came out of the store my cell phone alerted me that i had a message.

Chief Deputy Barry Tailor of Lincoln County had contacted a local and arranged a place for us to stop. I realized the motorcycle shop next to the grocery, was where we were to stay. The owner was on the phone when I entered Greens Cycles, Harley Parts and Service. I turned to look at the 8 x 10 photos hanging on the wall and saw a proud Marine standing guard over the helicopter, Marine One, saluting President Jimmy Carter as he boarded. I later learned that the owner of the motor cycle shop, Ralph Green, was the Marine in the photo. Mr. Green served four years in this honorable position. That evening Mr. Green treated us to pizza and made sure that we would have enough to buy fuel at our next stop. Many Thanks.

Jon and I set up camp and settled in to wait for Bill. After we had the panels set up and I was thinking about what to cook for dinner, officer J.D Owen, whom had been escorting Bill through Cleveland county pulled up. It wasn't a criminal that he had in the back seat, but a three legged dog covered in red clay. She was found in Rutherford County by someone from their Sheriffs Department. Somehow the officers worked together to get her back, though we'll never really know what happened. If only dogs could talk.