Givens Hot Springs - Journal Entry 2

We hope to make Givens Hot Springs today. That will be about 20 miles. I only hope that it is not so hot. Traveling with modern convenience can be difficult enough; my thoughts are drawn to the hardship that faced the pioneers in the 1840s.

I wait for Bill at the intersection of Highway 55 & 78 in Marsing, Idaho. The small radios we have are not much good if we are even 1 mile apart. I notice the traffic is getting heavy at this time. When Bill arrives I pull the trailer across the highway from the store where I was waiting. Because the school parking lot is vacant and has some shade it is a better place to let the horse rest and have free choice of water and feed. The shoes Blackie has on now are the same ones Bill tacked on before he began the ride. After more than 400 miles they have started to loosen a little and are showing some wear. We decide to travel to the hot springs to see if we can spend some time there, and put some new shoes on the horse. gallery

Givens Hot Springs is a beautiful oasis of shady trees and manicured green lawn. The history of the area has been traced back at least 5,000 years. In more recent history it became a stop for pioneers traveling on the Oregon Trail. It is peaceful and quiet here. Several options are available for camping, RVs, or for staying in a cabin or trailer. The building that houses the public swimming area is clean and well maintained. There are showers available here. The pool is warm and relaxing which makes it really nice to just float in the water. There are individual “hot tubs” available, but no bubbles. Just natural hot spring water. I have found the owners to be very kind and considerate of their guests. This would make a great place for families with children to escape the city for a nice weekend camp out, or maybe for a couple looking for a place to have a “honeymoon” at a very reasonable cost. I can see coming here during the winter to relax in that wonderful, natural, hot spring water.