Garden City - Dodge

Bill SpottedThe wind was blowing and the clouds where dark when we arrived at the Finney County Fairgrounds in Garden City. We settled in and set up our cooking stove to make a bit to eat. We ate then took a walk around.

In the morning, Bill rode out from the fairgrounds and sent Brenda and I on ahead to Dodge. I followed her, we stopped in at a gas station, and Brenda asked to barrow a phone book. She began making calls to find a place for the night. With no luck she asked the casher where the Dodge rodeo/ fairgrounds where located.  We then drove to the grounds to see if we could find someone to ask permission for us to put Blackie there. While talking to the Chamber of Commerce they mentioned that Casey’s Cowtown Steakhouse might have a location for us to stay, so she got their number and gave them a call.

They where more then happy to let us setup the panels in the back. After setting up we went out to find Bill and Blackie. We brought food and water for both horse and rider. Bill then continued on his way to dodge.


is that all you have of dodge city?