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Bill resetting Blackies shoes - YadkinvilleRight now we're in Yadkinville North Carolina. Looks like its gonna be a late start today. We stayed at the Days in here in town so we could shower, get Internet and sleep in a bed for a change. Bill is resetting some shoes on Blackie right now. I guess the nails he used to put the last pair of shoes were inferior. Brenda is also taking this opportunity to wash some cloths; I washed my cloths last night.

There seems to be something messed up with the truck or our 12v AC adapter, as my laptop is defiantly damaged. I managed to figure out a way to be able to hear sound; disable the laptop speakers in Windows, and plug in my headphones. Like this the on board speakers still play sound, even though they are disabled. The sound from them is trash. Headphones sound fine, so I'll use it like this for now.

I tried using the AC adapter in the truck a few more times. There is a constant static feedback sound that isn't present when using battery or direct AC power. Our older laptop also receives the same feedback. I also noticed that placing my hand on certain places on laptops will change the noise; I think there is some grounding problem with the truck. Brenda had complained about the truck running strangely when an adapter was plugged in. She said the truck would surge while she was driving. It also seems possible that this had something to do with the trucks CPU dieing twice. I say it is a problem with the truck because we started the trip across America with another adapter. I bought a new one because of the surging problem, but it seems the old adapter was not to blame.

Wanangwa Dever - Harmon FieldWe wanted to thank a few additional folks we met at Harmon Field: Wanangwa Dever, Frank Ortiz and Meg Rogers. Lorna Dever also sent some pictures. Thanks.

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