The Final Ride of This Journey

Bill plans on making the final ride of this journey on Sunday, the 13th of January. We welcome all capable riders and their horses to participate (you and your horse should be capable of riding in traffic; you are responsible for the behavior of your animal and your safety). This ride will be a celebration of the journey, and has been plan so that it is short and enjoyable for all.

Bill plans on arriving at the Opportunity House around 11am. Those who wish to ride with Bill should meet there. The Opportunity House is located at 1411 Asheville Hwy. Hendersonville, NC. A number of people have already expressed that they plan on riding.

From there, Bill and those that are riding with him, will continue on to Schroaders Honda, which is located at US 64 at I-26, 220 Mitchell Dr., Hendersonville, NC. If you don't have a horse or cannot ride with Bill , you can still meet with us here. Please arrange transportation for your animal from there. Bill estimates that the group will arrive between 1pm and 2pm.  if you want to ride your horse, meet new people , and have some fun - be there.


I have followed the journey of yours for several months and wish I could be there for the grand finale on the 13th. Your perserverance and going forward when the going got tough was a boost for all of us. Thanks for bringing to mind what we are all about. Your new friend Earl Hirst

We are so damed proud of you all. Sure wish we could be there for the end. We were there at almost the beginning. Jorgen and Sussie Due

Bill and Brenda Good Job, see you guys on your way back,you have just done something most of us just talk about. Rick at

Really terrific journey to follow. Can't wait to read more about your trip. Charlene, Springfield, OR