East Bend to Rural Hall, North Carolina - Video

Angie and Bill cross the Yadkin RiverAngie, whom we met the day before, arrived just has we finished packing up camp. She was right on time and ready with her horse to ride with Bill. Angie and her father brought us some stew the previous evening during the truck pull event. Brenda and Bill visited with them, and talked over the route Brenda had planned. Bill always welcomes company when he rides; having someone to talk to helps pass the time.

 Brenda drove up ahead to a place called O-Henry's Restaurant. We where hungry so we got some breakfast while waiting for Bill. We met the owner, Ms. Bowman, and she told us a bit about her place (watch the video). Brenda escorted the pair across the Yadkin River, as there was “no escape route” as Bill would say.

We make a second stop at Tobaccoville before making our final stop at Beaver Creek Farm in Rural Hall. Owner Ed Wall visited with us and later that evening we met some of his family. Angie had dinner with Brenda, Bill and I later that night at the seafood restaurant across from Beaver Creek Farms.

In the morning, Channel 12 News from Winston-Salem interviewed Bill (link gone); the reporter got on Blackie for his report. Bill rode on and we soon followed suit.

04-26-08 - 04-27-08