Crazy House - Garden City Kansas

Crazy House - Kansas The ride from Lakin to Garden City was quick and uneventful. Blackie continues to show improved energy because of the Merit Feed he is eating. He has also gained back a lot of the weight he lost in the desert.

When we stop at Crazy House on the northwest edge of Garden City, we are met with warm enthusiasm. Brian Shaw is the first person we speak to and he is willing to help us find a place to keep Blackie. The store is bustling with people here to take advantage of the clearance “tent” sale. The prices are already reasonable and the clearance prices are so low I only wish I had the money to take advantage of them. As I wait for Bill, I take some time to play with the dogs. It doesn’t take Bill long to get here as our last stop was only six miles out. When he arrives, we go talk with Brian to see where we will be this evening. He greets Bill with a hearty handshake. He then tells us we are welcome to put the panels up behind the store, we are then treated to a surprise. Brian has arranged accommodations for us at the Continental Inn in town. He has also paid for a meal at the new truck stop. As we set up the pens, some of the staff come out to greet us and make us feel welcome. Kansas people are sure nice. I guess that goes with the lifestyle of farming and ranching.
After the horse is taken care of, we unhook from the trailer and drive to the motel. Right as we reach the driveway, the truck DIES! It just shuts off and rolls to a stop. At this point both Bill and I are saying a few choice words and phrases that I won’t put into print. I’m sure most of you know how we felt at this point. Especially knowing what happened in the Pocatello area. That breakdown cost us 8 travel days.

I get out of the truck and go inside the motel to see if I can get some help. By the time the motel personnel come to the desk, Bill and Jon have pushed the truck into the back lot. I guess Bill didn’t hear me when I told him I was going to get some help. He was really mad at me when I got back and wanted to know where the *^@! I went. Oh well, he’ll get over it. So, we push the truck the rest of the way into the lot. After we get into the room, I get on the phone to arrange for a tow to the Ford dealership tomorrow. This all happened on a Sunday, so there’s not a lot that can be done until Monday. We then get cleaned up and ready to go eat. This is quite a chore, as we all have to get in the Honda Prelude that Jon drives. LOL! That’s a pretty good car but the back seat is not made for a long legged person. We get to the restaurant and stuff ourselves on their delicious buffet. Good meals are appreciated when you eat only two meals a day on the road.

When Brian finds out we are broken down he really steps up and helps us out. He does so many good things for us. Everywhere we mention him in town people tell us that the people who own the Crazy House are truly good people. It’s for sure that without his help we would not have much to eat or a warm place to sleep. This kindness is what we know still exists in America.

When Monday rolls around, we contact the local Ford dealership and they come tow the truck in. Sure enough, the PCM (powertrain control module), or the “brain” has died again. We are informed that it could take up to seven days to get one from the factory. After the service manager contacts the Ford dealership, the part is expedited. We are lucky to get the part in three days and get on the road again.

I would like to say a very special thank you to all of the wonderful, kind people at the Crazy House. Without the assistance they offered our stay would not have been as nice. They are truly a bright shining star!