Craters of the Moon: Journal Entry 13

After a good nights sleep, we ready ourselves for the trek through some of the most forbidding, and unusual country yet. The Craters of the Moon is an area of approximately 75 square miles of nothing but lava. The highway we are on will only skirt the very northern reaches of this dismal landscape. I can see how folks who just drive through here might find a certain beauty to this. As someone who has been experiencing just a small portion of what the pioneers must have been through, I find it forbidding. I can only imagine how hot it can be here. The lava has a reputation for absorbing and holding heat. I can’t imagine trying to cross it with livestock and a wagon, or on foot. This stuff is rough.

We had planned to camp at the park here but are told by the Supervisor that our horse is not welcome in the park. So, we move on and stop about 8 miles out of Arco. This brings our mileage for the day to approximately 20. We traveled 21 the day before, and 18 the day before that. Bill wants to return to Picabo to meet with Bud and Nick Purdy on Saturday, so we will most likely stay in Arco for a couple of days. I’m sure Blackie will enjoy the nice facilities at the fairgrounds.