Conestoga Energy Partners - Pioneering the Future

Conestoga Energy Partners, LLCThe truck has been out of commission for a couple of days now. Luckily, we just happened to be in the town of Garden City when the breakdown occurred. Yesterday Bill and I took my car to go see the Bonanza BioEnergy Ethanol Plant here in town. While there, we met husband and wife team Dusty and Angie Richardson who invited us to take a tour. Angie guided us through the process of turning plant material such as corn into ethanol.

As one might expect, the process is nearly exact to making a high grain alcohol except the product must be 100% pure. Corn is fermented to produce alcohol, then the solids are removed and finally the remaining water. Click this Wikipedia link to learn about ethanol as a fuel.

Our team feels the weight of high fuel prices everyday. I believe that making the switch and/or supplementing ethanol with gasoline could be important for our future. Ethanol is a renewable energy source while fossil fuels are not. Relying too heavily on foreign countries for basic commodities leaves us vulnerable to inflation. Although producing ethanol requires building new infrastructure, Conestoga is taking the reins and is blazing the trail to the future. Self-sufficient pioneers are what built this country, and that attribute we must maintain. We are excited to see Conestoga investing in the future of America.