Clifford Baptist Church to Calvary Baptist Church Lovingston Virginia

Ms Walkem talks with Bill in front of the Clifford Baptist ChurchBill and Brenda visited with the Clifford Baptist Church's congregation in the evening and I was able to get on the internet thanks to Ms. Morcom and her son. In the morning I interviewed Ms. Morcom outside the church before we departed. Ms Morcom also gave Brenda a contact with Cavalry Babtist Church in Lovingston. There where some blind curves and a bridge which could have proven dangerus for Bill and Blackie along the route to Lovingston, and so local law enforcement waited for Bill near this location so that they could escort him. Meanwhile Brenda and I continued on to Calvary Baptist Church. This was a short day so there was no need for a rest stop.

The panels where setup and we had settled down when Bill arrived. Later Captain Robertson, Lt. Cindrick, EMC Ray Gutero, and Trooper Derick Tyree stopped by. Larry and Dottie Davis, who are Brenda's relatives, drove from Henderson North Carolina, also came to visit. Later that evening Captain Robertson and Lt. Cindrick returned to take us to dinner. Just down the road from the church is a Italian restaurant call Vito's. We were treated to some great food, thanks to Captain Robertson. The Captain and Lieutenant are some great guys, and are excellent representative of the Nelson County Sheriff's Department. It rained most of the night.

The next day we stayed at the church. Larry and Dottie stayed at a local hotel the previous evening, and came by to see us again in the morning. The hotel wasn't to far away, so Bill, Brenda, and I were able to take showers in Larry and Dottie's hotel room. After I got cleaned up I had Dottie drop me off at a library across the street so I could use the internet there. Brenda's parents came out, unfortunately the hotel Larry and Dottie where staying at was full. Bill, Brenda, Brenda's parents, Larry, Dottie and I ate at Vito's again that evening.

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