Catching Up on Gallery

We met allot of nice people all across the state of Idaho and into the state of Wyoming. The assistance and cooperation of the law enforcement agencies and their families has been invaluable. They've taken us into their homes and treated us like family.

Right now we are trying to catch up with the content we haven't put up. We are also putting together a page with the contributors for our first thousand miles.

Below are the newest galleries we just put up. Click a picture to go to the gallery.

Border of Idaho & Wyoming: Summit

Border of Idaho & Wyoming: Summit

We camped on the side of the road at the summit elevation of 6066 ft. when we crossed from Idaho into Wyoming. The actual boarder line was 2 miles east.
Camped at Steves

Camped at Steve's

Even the youngest cowboys learn to rope on the Walker Ranch. Our hosts where gracious and knew allot about what we face on this journey. Many thanks for all they did for us.
Cokeville to Sage

Cokeville to Sage - Wyoming

Our hosts in Cokeville were outstanding. Little Andrew was fascinated with Blackie. This family has a strong bond that is rarely seen. Their boys were well mannered yet rambunctious. They love to play football.
Kemmerer Wyoming


We would like to thank the Forest Service for the accommodations, the town for the free barbeque meal, and the middle school for the opportunity to share our journey.
Millie's First Day on the Trail

Millie's First Day on the Trail

She stayed right with him for 8 miles. After Bill rested, he continued and Millie wanted to follow. I stopped 2 miles down the road and Bill showed up with her in the saddle. She slept for 2 days after.
Storm at Sage Wyoming

Storm at Sage Wyoming

We put Blackie in the trailer and waited it out then set up the panels and camped because more storms where brewing.