Castle Rock Road and on to Paul Miller’s: Journal Entry 6

CastlerockWe get up before the sun today, ready to travel on a dirt road for this part of our trip. Dirt roads are much easier going with very little traffic. From the back of a horse, the scenery is great. The rock formations here are truly beautiful. The white road winds up through the hills. It’s amazing what you can see if you slow down and get off the main road. There is an abundance of wildlife that most people don’t ever get to see as they speed along the blacktop. The landscape is beautiful and pristine. No garbage here to mar the natural beauty of our great land. gallery

I only hope that others who discover this place will respect it enough not to trash it up. I really don’t understand why folks who drive our roads and streets feel as if they can just throw their garbage out wherever they please. How hard is it to just keep it in your car and use a garbage can at a gas station or other stop along the way.

I make the first stop after only 5.7 miles because the road crosses pavement. I settle in to take a cat nap. Before I know it Paul and Jesse pull up beside me. They have just seen Bill about 2 miles back. They are out tending to the ranch duties of looking after the cattle. After we talk a for a while they head on to finish their chores. We will probably make it to their place by 4 p.m. or so.

After we cross the paved road we have a long stretch across the valley. Then we will make a couple of turns to get on the road that takes us to the ranch. On this road there are not many wide spots to pull off. Thank goodness that there is not much traffic at all on this road. The weather today is not nearly as hot as before. It is a really good thing we decided to come this northern route and get out of the heat in the desert.

When we arrive at the ranch, we find that Blackie is to have a really nice pasture to run in for a couple of days. We will give him a day off and drive to Hailey to scout out the area and let them know we are coming. The ranch house we will stay in was built in 1914. It is like so many ranch houses that I have had the privilege of living in. This house makes you feel like you are at home. Paul and Jesse have to go fix a problem with a pump so they won’t be here while we stand down for a couple of days. What a shining example of our rural population. They offer the house for our use even though they will be away. Before they leave they want to give me a puppy. This dog is out of a litter of pups from a champion bloodline Border Collie. She is precious. I will name her Millie in honor of the whole Miller family who have been so wonderful to us.

We say goodbye and settle in for the afternoon. It sure is a beautiful place to rest for a while and relax. The constant travel can be tiring. The waiting is as lonely for me as the riding in solitude is for Bill. At least I have the computer available to write my story.


i am very interested in your route. please email me and if i am in town as you pass through the Twin Falls area, I would love to get you some hay and perhaps join for the day. hope to hear from you soon...Sheila Rush

We would love to meet and visit you but our route is Arco to Blackfoot, Pocatello, Soda Springs then onto Rock Springs Wyoming Bill Inman

Thats what we raise here. Jonny can tell you about Ox. LOL Sussie and Jorgen