Cascade Mountains- Santiam Wagon Road Trail

Blackie rests for the night.I was recently told that we have made modern-day history taking the historical Santiam Wagon Road Trail. We started out in Lebanon Oregon, the historical start of the trail, and made our way to the Cascade Mountains. Blackie and I then preceded though the Willamette National Forest. The route took us through busy highways and backcountry trails. The weather often changed from hot to freezing, sunshine to freezing rain. At this time, we are camped a couple miles outside of Sisters Oregon.

I would also like to say that the US Forest Service has done a fantastic job preserving the historical trail. The trails where clear of fallen trees, the bridges were well maintained, and the campsites are outstanding. It has been an honor and a incredible experience. I hope that other people will be inspired to take advantage of the natural resources that this country has to offer.

After a few days rest for Blackie, we will continue on our way. Cascade Mountains.


Bill & Dallas, Truly amazed at such an undertaking. I envy you both of what you will see and get to do. I don't envy the sore back and other aches and pains I would have, taken on such a task. Love to travel the by ways and backroads of America and try to stop when time permits on long hauls. However, as Bill mentioned, we do miss so much in our motoring across this beautiful and bountiful country. Even with the frequent stops for the "Kodak moment" and view point opportunities, such trips can no way compare to the sights and opportunities to enjoy by horseback. My grand daughter is becoming a horse rider and learning about them at age 12. I will send her this web site. Surely, she will be excited to watch your postings of the blogs and images during your journey. If you are near Kansas and as you go by, say "Hi!" and wave to my cousins who are all over that state from one end to the other!! If you can make the climb "up" Mt. Sunflower (4,039 feet - highest point in Kansas and homesteaded by my mother's ancestry and still owned by family who live in and around Weskan) on the western border of Kansas just south of I-70 about 40 miles, sign the log that used to be there. Check out this web site if and when you can - (domain lost) Good luck! Will be watching your for images and reports of your progress. FJS, Eugene

It is so interesting reading about your travels everyday. marwor56

Or heading towards Bend? Would love to say howdy to you all. I take it that your staying at Cow Camp? Sussie of Whispering Pines K-9's (Formerly Whispering Pines K-9's & Equines) omitted

We are camping outside of Sisters. We will be going through downtown Sisters towards Bend Monday morning along hwy 20. We will be easy to find drop by. See You soon Bill

I'm having my Mustang trimmed in the afternoon. Nice thing about Mustangs. They never require shoes. *smile* Sussie

I found out was illegal as of last year (found out the hard way) But I know a swell shortcut that will get you back to Hwy 20 on the other side of Bend. Sussie Due omitted

That sure would be helpful because we surely don't want to cause any trouble. Looking forward to hearing about your shortcut Thanks Bill

Since I dont know if or when I will meet you on Highway 20, heres the shortcut. omitted I dont know how many miles your putting on a day. But if you can make it to our place (we are about 15 miles from Sisters), your welcome to pasture your horse here. We only have two acers but 1 1/2 of it is pasture and fenced and cross fenced. Can't put you up though. No room in this little house. You can bunk in our camp trailer if you want though. Sussie omitted