Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque Ashburn Virginia

Bill sets Vivian on BlackieOn the 24th we set off once again. To get to the W&OD we rearranged the trailer and drove to the parking lot of Loudoun County High School which is about 30 miles north of Bull Run Regional Park. Paul McCray came to see us off as well as a few other people, including a reporter who brought (I believe) her granddaughters, Vivian and Grace. After visiting Bill headed down the W&OD.

Bill and Blackies brake was where the W&OD and Ashburn Rd. intersect. At this intersection is a little place called Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque. While we waited for Bill, Brenda and I ate some great food and visited with Danny Hurdle and his family. Mr. Hurdle talked to me about his business, the history behind the building which he now owns.

When Bill arrived Mr. Hurdle showed him some family pictures. Bill was then presented with a huge plate of food. Carolina Brothers makes a vinegar based “North Carolina style” sauce which has a unique flavor. Needless to say Bill wasn't hungry for the rest of the day.