Brenda's Griddle Corn Cakes

Brenda shows her method of making corn bread while out on the road. These little guys go good with chili, stew or just about anything.


What did Blackie get to eat that night and more important, what are you feeding and supplementing to maintain his weight as well as his condition? I grew up in Maine and always dreamed of one day riding from Maine to California on horseback; well that never happened. I now live in Hawaii, the Big Island, and raise and train Quarter Horses for the past 17 years. My hope now is to finish a Vet Tech program by my 50th birthday (in 18 months!). I suppose if that is accomplished maybe I could become the first person to circumnavigate the Big Island on horseback (my next dream vacation), not sure if it's ever been done before? However, I assure you, if I do it, it will be in your honor! I went to college in Bristol, VA, not far from your ending point, and have good friends there still. I have been busy contacting them with the news of your anticipated arrival and journey. The college I attended at that time was fully accredited as a BA in Horsemanship/Schooling/Teaching with a double major in Photo-Journalism. At that time it was the only college offering such a degree! My, how things change! (Virginia Intermont College). I have sent copies of your web site to as many friends and acquaintances as is possible; contacted the local feed store to sponsor you; and will be providing your web site to our Hawaii Dressage and Cross Country Club this weekend; to spread the word. God bless, my heart is with you, and so is the spirit of my seven horses! If ever you get to Hawaii you are always welcome as our guest! Joan Prescott-Lighter, Innkeeper Aloha Place- Inn of Volcano (former President of Hawaii Quarter Horse Association)