Brenda Talks About the Journey

Bills wife Brenda Inman talks about our journey across America and expresses our interest in acquiring sponsorship and her desire to write a book about the trials and tribulations we've experienced during our journey (the stuff we don’t talk about on the internet).


Bill, Brenda, and Blackie should make us all realize the beauty of our country and the people within our states. I applaud the Inman's for their courage to make this journey and recognize the catalyst for doing so.

I hope you do write that book Brenda. I think it would be great.

This is a great story. Just read about it this morning. I applaud you for making this journey. I would love to do something like this... Jim-New York

Bill and Brenda, I applaud your efforts to show what is good and and sometimes forgotten about the places and faces across our country. Your travels made foxnews this morning and I decided to look for your web site. It's good someone takes a long slow trip to give the rest of us perspective on what we have in our backyard, breaking us out of the 'groundhog' day daily news. I'll be one who keeps up with your travels. Be Safe. Ed in Georgia.

Simplify don't amplify. Great job and I wish I could do the same. I am currently serving in the US Army and sometimes the pressures and trials of life take a lot out of me. I wish I could do something like this to find/recover the spirit of what is good in life...Thank you for your inspiration...

I found your website through Fox News and have emailed a link to everyone I know. Everyone in America should see what you all are doing. You will be in my prayers and I wish you the very best. Godspeed, Jordan

I, too, found you through Fox News. It is great to see someone capturing the spirit of the nation this way. I am envious that I cannot be riding along side of you. What a wonderful idea, and a great way to spend your retirement money! It will be worth every penny I am sure! Amy Jo

Found the story on FoxNews this morning and had to find the website. What a great story and inspiration for everyone, especially Americans who are struggling to find something good in our everyday life. To embark on a journey of this magnitude without firm financial backing is a true expression of one's faith and devotion to the ideals that are lacking in today's society. Congratulations to Bill, Brenda, Blackie, and the host of others who are making a statement that everyone should take a moment to ponder the real meaning.

When will you be in Missouri? I have searched your info and haven't found it yet. Love this story, can't wait for more.

I also read about you in Thanks to Fox News for covering your story. Bill, Brenda & Blackie are an inspiration. I look forward to following your blog and hope that you find someone to sponsor your travels. I can't wait for the book!! God Bless You and Keep You Safe on your journey.