Blackfoot to Fort Hall: Journal Entry 19

Today is a big day. The news crew from KIDK channel 3, a CBS affiliate will interview Bill. He can’t meet us until 9 a.m., but the wait is worth it. After the interview we are on our way toward Pocatello. This will most likely be a short mileage day because it looks like it’s going to storm. As I wait at the first stop about 9 miles out I notice a bank of very dark clouds and the wind is beginning to whip. I can hear it moaning as it blows through the power lines along the highway. What an eerie sound. I hope the weather holds until we get some miles down today.

Bill arrives and just as he gets here, it starts to rain. At first, the rain is light, and then when it really starts to come down we put the Blackie in the trailer to keep him and the saddle dry. We use this time to have some good old Vienna sausage and crackers for lunch. It’s not bad with a few pickles and cheese on the side. While we are eating and waiting for the rain to slack up a reporter from the Idaho State Journal calls and wants to talk to Bill. We arrange to meet him in about an hour at the tribal casino on the Fort Hall Reservation. I guess this is good timing, as it doesn’t appear that it will stop raining any time soon.

As soon as Bill is through talking to the reporter, we have to find a place to stay for the evening. It looks as if it could still rain with the possibility of lightening. A server in the casino tells us where the rodeo arena is located here on the reservation. There is a person working at the rodeo grounds and he tell us it would be better if we just went over to the community barn. They are preparing the area for a big pow wow coming up.

The community barn houses some horses and what looks like some rodeo bulls. The rain earlier has caused quite a lot of flies. The inside ceiling of the trailer is literally covered with them. I use about half a bottle of fly spray to run them out so we can sleep without their constant buzzing. While we wait for the sun to go down, Millie keeps us entertained. Tomorrow morning we will head for Pocatello.