Bill and Brenda Renew their Vows

On Monday, December 31, 2007 Bill and I renewed our wedding vows. This was a special occasion for us. We were pleased to be able to do this in the exact same place we did in 1980. The folks at Overholdt's Hardware store were kind enough to keep the store open late for us that day. Some of our family, and the friends we made in Tennessee attended. We appreciate all of your support in our journey. Without folks like you this would not have been possible.

At this writing I am sitting in a cabin in Hot Springs NC. No, it's not fancy. It doesn't even have a restroom inside. There are three bunks that will sleep maybe 5 people. There are 4 of us sharing the cabin now. We have limited Internet access which slows our ability to add content to our web site at this time.

We will still be adding data and video's to our web site and I plan to begin serious work on my book as soon as we settle down a little. I will also attempt to spend as much time as possible answering e-mail's. Look for updates to our friends and supporters page. Maybe I can obtain a good enough connection to actually get some work done.

Thanks again for your support and kindness.


congradulations, we are renewing ours may 2009 at shawnee ,ill. 35 years wow omitted

All these years, I could only imagine what your wedding was like. Meeting those family members from Tennessee and North Carolina was a thrill for me. Can't wait to see more photos! Good luck, and many more happy trails! Aunt Marcia

I was on my way to my grandmothers funeral when I saw a horse and rider at the top of Walnut Mountain, one of the most beautiful places in Madison Co. I slowed as I passed thinking to myself, how lucky the rider was to be on the back of such a magnificent animal at such a beautiful place, and how my grandmother of nearly 100 years would have loved to have seen such a sight. I was reading our local paper today and learned about your journey. You have all been blessed to have been a part of such a journey, and I hope to see a documentary at some time. Good luck and God Bless Amber Hot Springs NC