Altavista to South of Lynchburg Virginia

 Ms. Pascale, Director of Operations for Campbell County's Department of Recreation, VirginaBill left the hotel in Altavista around 9:30 on the 6th of May. Brenda and I gathered up the junk we had packed into the room. The Lynchburg Police Department called back.  A Lt. Lawton talked to Brenda, he asked, “what exactly to do you want from us?” She told the officer about our journey. Negotiations quickly broke down and it became clear that Bill wasn't going to be able to ride through Lynchburg. Some of the roads and highways in Lynchburg are fairly dangerous and the police are low resources, so an escort was out of the question.

Bill had a full day of riding ahead of him before reaching the Lynchburg area. We began looking for a place to stay early in the day; seems the closer we get to larger cities the more difficult it is to find a place to stop. Brenda was referred to Mary Pascale with Campbell County, which is just south of Lynchburg. Ms. Pascale is the Director of Operations for the counties Department of Recreation. Ms. Pascale took the time to drive to where we where and drove Brenda to one of the parks the county is developing. The county just recently acquired the land and in order to stave off the encroachment of urban development, they intend to build a park that is sensitive to the natural beauty of the land. Bill just happened to ride up when Ms. Pascale and Brenda were about to get back on Highway 29. Brenda explained the situation to him and he agreed to camp.

The dogs and I where waiting with the truck and trailer at a gas station about a mile ahead of the park's location. Ms. Pascale brought Brenda back and she then drove the rig to the park where we met Bill and setup camp. Channel 13 News out of Lynchburg called while we where setting up the panels. Brenda gave them directions and they arrived about twenty minutes later. Ms. Pascale came back to visit and a bit later reported Courtney Robinson and photographer Matt Franz arrived. Ms. Robinson interviewed Bill and Brenda, and Ms. Pascale visited with Brenda.