Almost to Nashville


This is Dallas, the guy who is filming video of this whole adventure, hoping to make something interesting out of the 80 hours of footage I have accumulated..  Bill calls me "The film guy".

I have been amazed at how much this story has touched  people.  I've read emails from all over the country and even from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.   There is even a fellow in India who is so thrilled and happy to have met a "real cowboy."  Your kind words and offers for places to stay have lifted their moods tenfold, givien further purpose to their mission.

They were down to their last $20 when all of a sudden the story broke on Associated Press and you gave what little you had to keep this rolling.  America is an amazing land, but it is the people that represent the true Spirit of our wonderful country.  Your generosity is astounding.   Who needs corporate America when we have each other?

I know they are very, VERY grateful! Jonny will be updating the "contributors" page soon to say personal thanks to all those who reached in their pocketbooks to help them buy gas, fuel and food to continue when their own funds ran out.

We are situated two days away from Nashville.  Two days is about 40 miles, as Blackie and Bill can only ride about 20 per day.

Our host is Bob Frost.  He's been a big help in the last week, alerting the media, obtaining supplies and offering us shelter last night in his 5th wheel trailer, which is a palace on wheels.

Blackie is in great shape, having seen a vet in Waverly, TN.   The vet even donated rabies vaccination shots to their dogs Queenie and Tiger.  

Jonny has been hard at work editing his video blog entries.  This is not always easy because we are on the go, feeding and caring for Blackie, finding shelter for the day, etc.   And of course, if there is not hi speed internet nearby, he can't upload or post updates.   He hopes to catch up soon.

Brenda continues to be amazing; driving the horse trailer, routing her husband,taking care of the dogs, fielding phone calls and maintaining a home in a horse trailer.  Not to mention, making her roadside breakfasts of biscuits and gravy, eggs made to order, homemade Amish bread and butter donated to us and fresh bacon.   What a feast.

Bill is in good spirits.  He recently shod Blackie working side by side with the Amish in their modest horseshoeing shed.  His last stretch of road was a bit precarious on hwy 70.  The shoulders are very narrow and he has to focus intensely to keep Blackie safe while dump trucks and cars whiz by him at nearly 65 miles per hour. 

Me? I've been living in my pickup truck, following along shooting this and that since the start.   Living in my truck has been quite the adventure in of itself.   Recently I had to drive to New York to move the rest of my stuff out of storage to lower my monthly expenses.  All of us are fully invested in this journey. I've sold off most of my things and moved out of my apartment.  This is my first attempt at making a documentary film.

That's it for now... I'll leave the rest of the updates to Jonny and Brenda.   Bill is about ready to mount up and ride on down the road.  So, we'll see you somewhere out there soon.

My Best,



I watched your blog, by the bridge, and I thought that when you were in Garden City,Ks I didn't remember you haveing a beard?? I think you look good with it!! I have been following all of you along-the way, and enjoying every minuet of it!!! If you ever get married, or have a family, WHAT A STORY you can SHARE WITH THEM!!!!! How many people?? Can share a story like this!!! Have a great CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR CROSSING AMERICA,,Tell BILL & BRENDA HELLO!!!!! DALLAS HENSLEY GARDEN CITY< KANSAS