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Kersey Pizza Kersey Pizza - Kersey Colorado

This is where I'm at right now! We didn't expect to be in Kersey very long, but we got to talking to people coming and going after we ate some pizza. We meet father and son Barry and Brian and chefs / cashiers / waitresses Kendra, Kendra, and Daniel.
Greeley Colorado Greeley Colorado

We stayed at Island Grove Park in Greeley for two nights. During that time i was able to use the internet there to get the pictures and stories uploaded for Cheyenne. I wasn't able to get as many pictures while there as i would have liked. There will be a proper blog entry soon.
Nunn Colorado - Dan & Dixie Nunn Colorado

We meet Dan and Dixie Rapelje in the town of Nunn Colorado. We parked the trailer at their place and they made us dinner and breakfast the next morning. They also  brought us some water and apples for Blackie the while we where at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. They also gave us some of their exotic fruit juice XanGo to give to Blackie. Bill said he was acting like a 4 year old after he gave him some of the stuff. You can check out the link to the website to learn more.