The challenge of staying warm and dry.

The weather is becoming more and more gloomy. They say it is going to rain this afternoon. It’s a good thing that we will be inside tonight and Blackie will have a nice place to rest.  I know the rain is needed here and even though it makes things harder for us, I thank God for sending it. I hope that when it is going to rain or snow we will have a dry place to sleep from this point on. Our trailer is just a stock trailer and can be rather wet inside when it rains. Our bedrolls get damp and it is hard to get warm when trying to go to sleep. Many mornings we wake up to a wet ceiling, dripping on our heads. We have a small electric heater and a propane heater. The propane heater doesn’t do much to fend off the cold. Sometimes it makes the condensation worse and we cannot sleep with it on.

The electric heater is ok, but in order to warm our bunk we have to suspend it from the ceiling of the trailer, close to us. It helps to have electricity too, but that is not always available. We use tarps to try to enclose the trailer and they help a little. I know this is all part of the journey. It makes it hard to concentrate when you don't get adequate sleep. One thing I have noticed is when I sleep inside now I often get too warm. Seems odd that a warm place to sleep can be as difficult as a cold damp one. Six months of sleeping "outside" is really different. It makes one appreciate the simple things in life.

Route From Nashville

We are leaving Nashville today. Our route will follow 70S/26. Some of the stops we will make are: Alexandria, Smithville, Sparta, Pleasant Hill, Crossville. We will need to stop for 2-3 days rest in Crossville. Then on to Westel (Rockwood area). The next 20 mile segment will leave us at the intersection of Eblen Cave Rd. and Hwy 70.

After that we may be able to make it to Boxwood Hills in the West Knoxville area. We haven't figured out how to get through Knoxville yet. That is where we most likely will be for Christmas. I will post another segment on our route when we reach Knoxville. We hope to be able to find shelter on our route. Especially when it is raining or the temperature drops below freezing. BRRRRRR............

Lose A Shoe Meet Some Amish: Huntingdon Part 2


Randy brought us over to his his Amish friends so Bill could reshoe Blackie. We had been looking for Drill Tech/ Borium for quite some time, and the shoes Blackie had on needed to be replaced. Without Borium the shoes will not have the grip needed on pavement or concrete. In this video Bill removed the old shoes and prepares the hoofs.

Lose A Shoe Meet Some Amish Huntingdon Part 1


Bill nearly made it to Huntingdon when Blackie lost one of his shoes. Luckily Randy, who we had met in the previous town at a restaurant saw Bill and bought us to him. He then brought us to some Amish folks that had a facility to shoe, and more importantly the Drill Tech Bill needed. (Drill Tech is used on steel horseshoes to provide traction and a much more resistant surface.)

Ride to Dyersburg Tennessee Rodeo Grounds Part 2


After Bill and Blackie took a break at the gas station, they continued on into Dyersburg to the rodeo grounds. Brenda and I setup the panels. She then decided to go and check up on Bill with my car. Shortly after she came back and took the truck and trailer to pickup Bill and Blackie. Blackie had been seriously acting up in heavy traffic.