On to Mountain Home - Journal Entry 4

Gallery - Grandview to Mountain HomeBill gets up at 3 a.m. this morning ready to get a move on. We load up the truck and go to get Blackie. We trailer him back to Grandview and start from where we left off the day before. Today’s journey is 24 miles from Grandview to Mtn. Home, and is the same as days before. There just aren’t as many good places to pull off of the road on this stretch of highway. The Chevron station on the edge of Mountain Home is where we will meet with the police so they can escort us through town. The ladies in charge of the station are very nice and are thrilled to have the famous horse, Blackie, coming to their store. We have a pleasant conversation while I wait for Bill. gallery

When Bill arrives we call the police to let them know we made it. They give us an hour to allow Blackie to rest a little before heading through town. When the policemen arrive there are two motor officers on motorcycles and one cruiser, driven by Sergeant Viola. After some photos are taken we head out. I am so grateful to the officers for helping us through town. There is quite a lot of traffic and I’m sure it would have been very difficult for Bill to make this stretch on his own.

The Miller Family in Bruneau - Journal Entry 3

When we reach Grandview we meet up with Clarence Miller. He is a long time rancher from the area who Bill met in Juntura, Oregon. We will spend some time with him, tour the area, and enjoy the company of his wonderful family. Since Bruneau is out of our planned route we transport Blackie in our trailer. Blackie is being stabled at Sandy Black’s facility. (See the Gallery for photos). This is a nice place for horses and has an indoor arena where the horse can be in the shade and away from bugs. Thanks again for allowing Blackie to stay with you. gallery

After we take care of the horse we drive on to Clarence’s home. His daughter Lisa greets us warmly when we arrive. She has prepared a huge meal. We don’t get this good home cooking when we are camping. Lisa’s children are friendly and welcome us into their home. It’s not long until they adopt us as their family too. What a wonderful experience. After a hot shower, a really great dinner and some conversation, I retire to the comfort of the room that Lisa has prepared for us. I think I’m going to watch some television, but it probably only takes about 15 minutes for me to fall fast asleep.

The next thing I am aware of it is 6 a.m. Time to get up and prepare for a busy day of touring the area, and traveling to Mountain Home (by car) to meet with the Police department and make arrangements to travel safely through their city.

Givens Hot Springs - Journal Entry 2

We hope to make Givens Hot Springs today. That will be about 20 miles. I only hope that it is not so hot. Traveling with modern convenience can be difficult enough; my thoughts are drawn to the hardship that faced the pioneers in the 1840s.

I wait for Bill at the intersection of Highway 55 & 78 in Marsing, Idaho. The small radios we have are not much good if we are even 1 mile apart. I notice the traffic is getting heavy at this time. When Bill arrives I pull the trailer across the highway from the store where I was waiting. Because the school parking lot is vacant and has some shade it is a better place to let the horse rest and have free choice of water and feed. The shoes Blackie has on now are the same ones Bill tacked on before he began the ride. After more than 400 miles they have started to loosen a little and are showing some wear. We decide to travel to the hot springs to see if we can spend some time there, and put some new shoes on the horse. gallery

Brenda's Journal - Entry 1

Update: Galleries Boise Parade and Last Camp on Owyhee added.

The first day of the journey for me began just west of Vale, Oregon. We had planned on driving 4 miles west to take up where they left off on July 3; however, there was a DOT sign warning that Highway 20 was closed because of fire. Needless to say, we decided that being safe was far more important than those few miles that would be left off. So we headed through town and turned south out of Vale towards Nyssa. Bill rode about a mile and a half out of town and came on a cattle guard. We had to put Blackie in the trailer to cross as there are no gates near these cattle guards. I then drove 4 miles and stopped at a wide spot in the road about half a mile from the next cattle guard. When Bill caught up with me we gave Blackie water and grain. We also had a little bite to eat.

A Helping Hand: Used Hondas Run Forever

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the good people at Bill Rogers Honda in Albany, Oregon. They made it possible for me to join my husband for our anniversary. The car I have is a 1989 Honda Prelude. It has been a very good car; however, when a car gets that old it may have issues ona long trip. Bill Rogers' crew made sure my car was mechanically sound and I have to say it made the trip without any problem. This is one auto dealership that  cares about its community of car owners! Their professionalism and attitude toward their customers is outstanding.