The battle with Sprint: Journal Entry 21

After we have breakfast with J.C. we depart to take care of some business with Sprint. You know, we spend over 5 hours with someone who works for a Sprint “indirect retailer”, and the problems we have are never really resolved. I can’t understand why Sprint treats their customers so badly. They act as if we don’t count. When you try to call Sprint on their *2TALK, it take no less than 40 minutes to talk to a customer service rep. Then all they can do is give you some lame scripted replies.

Pocatello: Journal Entry 20

Our first stop this morning is at Corner Store on the Fort Hall reservation. Bill wanted to ride out instead of making coffee. No one is there when I arrive so I try to connect to the internet to get some work done. I hope we don’t keep having this much trouble with our Sprint connection. It sure is overpriced for the service available. The owner of the store arrives and opens the doors to business. Not long after, Bill is here and we are drinking a delicious cup of coffee. During this stop I am in contact with the Pocatello Police department. I speak with Lieutenant Wheatley. He tells me to call when I get to town and he will help us with our route.  gallery

Blackfoot to Fort Hall: Journal Entry 19

Today is a big day. The news crew from KIDK channel 3, a CBS affiliate will interview Bill. He can’t meet us until 9 a.m., but the wait is worth it. After the interview we are on our way toward Pocatello. This will most likely be a short mileage day because it looks like it’s going to storm. As I wait at the first stop about 9 miles out I notice a bank of very dark clouds and the wind is beginning to whip. I can hear it moaning as it blows through the power lines along the highway. What an eerie sound. I hope the weather holds until we get some miles down today.

Blackfoot, Idaho: Journal Entry 18

Today’s ride into Blackfoot is on a highway jammed with traffic. As usual, the traffic is moving very fast, but is much heavier than we have experienced in the past. I guess most of the traffic is headed to the INL. I find a place about 9 miles from Mark’s place to wait on Bill. The reporter for the Blackfoot Morning News meets us here to interview Bill. After the interview I drive into town and find a place to wait for Bill. The place I choose to stop is next to Les Schwab tires and behind a small Mexican Restaurant. While waiting I decide to get something to eat. I wish I had written the name of that restaurant down because it was good food.

Brenda Calls With News- Courtesy Ford Repairs Truck

Brenda called just a while ago. Today they went to pickup the truck which was being repaired. Courtesy Ford in Pocatello, ID has generously repaired the truck at no cost. We would like to thank them for their assistance and i will create a banner for them soon to put on our sponsors bar.

After being down for a few days I'm sure Bill and Blackie are "chomping at the bit" ready to go. Brenda was also able to use some ones wireless network last night and sent me all the pictures she has backed up. I've edited them and will begin uploading them after I finish writing this.  gallery

Truck Down: Can the Journey Countiue?

Right now the team is down. The horse, rider, support team, and trailer are now without a truck; relying on Dallas and friendly people they meet to fairy them into town. Without a power source Brenda cannot use the laptop to transfer pictures or write her journal entries. They are stopped at Lava Hotsprings in southeast Idaho, dead in the water, while they wait for an important component of the trip to be repaired.

Mark Dow: Journal Entry 17

During our visit with the folks at the Atomic City Bar and Store, we were fortunate to meet up with Mark Dow. He owns a place between Atomic City and Blackfoot. He invited us to stay the night with him on this part of the trip. So after a breakfast of camp cooked potatoes and a cheese, Baco’s and tomato omelet, I drive Bill and Blackie back up to the stopping point of the day before. At least there is a good cloud cover today. That always makes the day go better. On a journey like this the hot sun can be one of your worst enemies. It causes the horse to slow way down and makes everyone else irritable. The worst part is when you don’t have the opportunity to shower for a couple of days.

Arco Idaho to Atomic City: Journal Entry 16

Sunday morning Bill wants to go ahead and ride the short mileage from where we left off just west of Arco. We get out before the sun and prepare for the ride. Blackie will enjoy a short day and have all afternoon to rest before we push on to Blackfoot. I think we all need the rest. We are staying at the Arco Inn. It is quiet and a good place to take a Sunday nap.

First thing Monday morning, we feed ol’ Blackie in preparation for today’s ride. He is not much interested in food and is rarin’ to go. We have to go to a store for Bill’s ration of coffee. I swear he drinks a whole pot every morning. When we get back we sit in the glow of the full moon, waiting on the sun. Blackie is saddled and seems to wonder why they aren’t on the road yet. I think the horse is enjoying this trip. He doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stress. His gait is always steady, with no signs of lameness.  gallery

Don Cammack, Arco Idaho: Journal Entry 15

Don CammackWhile staying in Arco, we had the pleasure of visiting with Don Cammack. He owns the local newspaper, The Arco Advertiser. He also publishes and writes stories for the paper. His paper is focused on the good things in life. One thing he won’t write about is all the trouble certain movie stars get themselves into. He believes there are better things to talk about. I have to say I agree. Just because someone stars in movies doesn’t mean that we need to know everything about them.

The Purdys and Picabo Livestock: Journal Entry 14

Today, Bill and Dallas meet with the Purdy’s to learn about the history of this magnificent ranch. It has been in the family for more than 120 years. I end up babysitting Blackie, allowing him to graze on the lush green grass that he loves so much. I also have Millie with me. She is playing in a creek. I think this is the first time she has been exposed to live water and she sure loves it. This pup doesn’t have much fear of anything except those large, loud trucks on the road. We are in a beautiful spot by the famed Silver Creek. Earnest Hemingway loved to fish here and we are told that this is world-class fly fishing.