Comments from Bill on the First 1000 Miles on Horseback

This is the most challenging thing I have ever done and I am bound and determine to see it through. This would not be possible without my team or the support and assistance from our contributors that provide resources that is needed to go each leg of the journey so far.  Thank you all ,you truly show us and hopefully the world what  United States is really made of.

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Catching Up on Gallery

We met allot of nice people all across the state of Idaho and into the state of Wyoming. The assistance and cooperation of the law enforcement agencies and their families has been invaluable. They've taken us into their homes and treated us like family.

Right now we are trying to catch up with the content we haven't put up. We are also putting together a page with the contributors for our first thousand miles.

Below are the newest galleries we just put up. Click a picture to go to the gallery.

Border of Idaho & Wyoming: Summit

Border of Idaho & Wyoming: Summit

We camped on the side of the road at the summit elevation of 6066 ft. when we crossed from Idaho into Wyoming. The actual boarder line was 2 miles east.
Camped at Steves

Camped at Steve's

Even the youngest cowboys learn to rope on the Walker Ranch. Our hosts where gracious and knew allot about what we face on this journey. Many thanks for all they did for us.
Cokeville to Sage

Cokeville to Sage - Wyoming

Our hosts in Cokeville were outstanding. Little Andrew was fascinated with Blackie. This family has a strong bond that is rarely seen. Their boys were well mannered yet rambunctious. They love to play football.
Kemmerer Wyoming


We would like to thank the Forest Service for the accommodations, the town for the free barbeque meal, and the middle school for the opportunity to share our journey.
Millie's First Day on the Trail

Millie's First Day on the Trail

She stayed right with him for 8 miles. After Bill rested, he continued and Millie wanted to follow. I stopped 2 miles down the road and Bill showed up with her in the saddle. She slept for 2 days after.
Storm at Sage Wyoming

Storm at Sage Wyoming

We put Blackie in the trailer and waited it out then set up the panels and camped because more storms where brewing.

Journal Entry Blowup

Ok, so Brenda hasn't been able to send me her journal entries and pictures every day. So we were backed up and she asked me to post what she was finally able to send all at once. The events these entries relate to happened days ago; I have no idea when (i hope to get her to date these entries has she writes them).

Lava Hot Springs to Soda Springs: Journal Entry 28

Bob and Dave volunteer to come out Monday afternoon after work to pull our trailer to the next stop. Soda Springs is next on the map. So, on Monday morning, we fit Dallas’ truck with water, feed and the buckets necessary for him to run support for Bill. The trip is 24 miles and the guys are just getting to Soda Springs when Bob and Dave get to Lava Hot Springs. They have a hard time getting the trailer hooked to Dave’s truck because the hitch sits higher in his truck bed than ours does. They accomplish the feat though and we are off to Soda Springs.

Shoeing Horses: Journal Entry 27

Bob wants Bill to show him some pointers on shoeing and Bill is happy to oblige. After all we are stuck here until the truck is fixed. So, on Sunday morning Bob comes with 3 horses for Bill and him to shoe. It takes all day for those guys to get shoes on the horses. One of them is a huge horse that is mixed with draft horse. Just as the guys get to the last foot on this one they are almost exhausted. The horse isn’t mean, he just isn’t well educated in manners where shoeing is concerned.

Horseshow at Downey: Journal Entry 26

We arrive at the fairgrounds at 8 a.m. The contestants are lining up. This is a big futurity for Paint horses. I’ve never seen so many different patterns and colors. These horses are all top of the line. The show begins with halter classes. After the halter classes are done Bill rides into the ring for an exhibition ride. The announcer tells the audience what our journey is all about and lets the folks know were we will be if they want to talk to us. When the show is about to start again and all the folks are through asking us questions, we head back to the trailer.

Inkom to Lava Hot Springs: Journal Entry 24

This morning we head to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. I make my first stop after about 7 ½ miles. I had gone a little farther and found concrete barrier right next to the road, a very narrow bridge, and then construction for 5 miles after that. So I turned around and parked at a point before all this began. While waiting for Bill here I pull out the Coleman stove, and prepare everything so I can quickly cook soup and grilled cheese sandwiches when Bill gets here. We will have watermelon too. Our day usually begins with a cup of coffee.

Pocatello to Inkom: Journal Entry 23

Our route out of Pocatello includes riding through the old part of town on what is Main Street. This is the route shown to us by Lieutenant Wheatly of the police department. It is a pretty good route. There is a nice bike path for much of the route and the traffic is not bad. While Bill is making this route he meets with some folks who work for the water department in Pocatello. One of the fellows, Dave Wagner offers us a place to stay for the night. He has a set of pens for Blackie and a nice camper for us to sleep in. His boss, Bob Scharfen, and his wife, come over and bring elk steaks for supper. I haven’t had much elk and this is really good. It’s like beef without all the fat and has a unique flavor. We have a good time with these folks. It still amazes me that people can be so generous and kind.

In the morning we have a meeting with Bill Vickers who owns a western store in Pocatello. It is our hope that he will be willing to sponsor a portion of the ride. When we arrive we are a little early but he is ready for us. I will post some a bit of information regarding his history and business savvy in a later post.

Truck Breaks Down: Journal Entry 22

We prepare to leave the fairgrounds this morning. Bill is up on the horse riding away, Dallas is filming the departure. I get in the truck, turn the key, wait for the glowplugs, turn the key, and uh-oh, the truck turns over but will not start. I attempt it one more time, still won’t start. Bill notices that I am having problems and comes back. Boy oh boy is he upset. We try several things in an attempt to start the truck. First we try the fuel pump reset button. No good. Then we look at some fuses. Still no luck.