Fall River Kansas: Great People

We haven’t been able to access the internet since we left Wichita, there’s just been so much going on. We stopped in Fall River here in Kansas and spent some time with some friendly folks. Bill, Brenda and Blackie where all in the Greenwood County Cattlemen Parade day before yesterday. I’ve got lots of content to upload so I'm going to be working on that today.

Arrival Wichita Local Resident Puts Up Crew

Wichita, Kansas - Part 1The newspaper articles we have been in help spread the word about what we are doing and where we are headed. A Wichita resident saw Blackie in the paper and decided to take a ride outside of town to see if he could find him.

Tom Elliott remembered the horse’s name when he found him with Bill on his back, but couldn’t remember the riders name. He found the horse and rider halfway to their lunch brake. The two got to talking, and Tom invited the horse… Bill, and the rest of the Uncovering America by Horseback to his place when we got into town.

Crew to arrive in Wichita Kansas

MillieThe Uncovering America by Horseback crew (there is four of us) is currently in Kingman Kansas. As horseman Bill Inman and his horse Blackie usually cover 20 mile a day we plan to arrive in Wichita in the next 2 days and plan to stay for approximately 2 days. Our journey isn't only about the ride, as we look for interesting people and places to feature on our website so that we can promote a positive image of America. Our crew consists of Bill Inman (horseman), Brenda Inman (Bills wife, support vehicle driver, cook, manager, etc) Dallas Pepsicola (freelance cameraman), and my self Jonathan Campos (website admin). We would also love to have the opportunity to highlight any aspects of your city that your residents hold dear and are proud of.