Route in Tennessee

I think we will be traveling on Highway 104 until we run into Highway 70. We will follow Highway 70 into Nashville. We hope to be in Nashville by the 11th of December. I have been trying to answer e-mails, but it seems that many of the connections I can get access to have that port blocked and itmakes it impossible to send and answer. I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be posting new stories and videos as soon as Jon is able to get the new server up and running. Please bear with us, the transfer of information takes a while and we only have the one laptop which is old and slow.

Thanks again for all of your support

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Supporters

I am so overwhelmed with the support you have shown. Your words of encouragement and wonderful donations are what help us to keep going. This journey has been very challenging in many ways, but the kindness of the people we have met has made it all worth it.

We have received so many e-mails that it may be some time before I can answer each one individually. A lot of the e-mails have inquired as to our route. In Missouri we will travel on Highway 60 to Poplar Bluff where we will then travel southeast into Tennessee. We haven't mapped out our exact route in Tennessee, but we know we will be going across the Northern part of the state to Nashville.